DIAL 911

If you have an emergency


We are a vital community partner, deeply invested in caring for the people we serve. At ESD 11, Service is Our Passion, and we are committed to delivering community-centered, people-focused, and evidence-based medicine to care for the visitors and citizens of our district. Although ESD 11 is here to respond to your emergencies, we also make ourselves available to you in other ways. You can spot us in schools, civic organizations, community events, and businesses throughout the district, promoting health and safety. To learn more about what we do, please feel free to contact us. If you have an event request, please complete the PR / Event form, and we will be in contact with you soon.

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First Edition: Q4 2023 Newsletter


At ESD 11, we believe in putting the patient at the heart of everything we do; this includes the clinical care we deliver and the PATIENT’S EXPERIENCE with our communications, field, and business office team members.

As a mobile healthcare provider, we believe we should hold ourselves accountable for patient experience the same way the rest of the healthcare system does – using an outside agency and pure data collection methods. These innovative agencies have chosen to use the EMS Survey Team and follow the same process as the rest of the healthcare system.

We are grateful for our team and want to ensure our community and its visitors have the best possible patient EXPERIENCE when ESD 11 is called upon to serve!