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Court Denies CCEMS Attempt to Block ESD11 From Insisting on Payment of CCEMS Employee Insurance Claims


On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services, Inc. (“CCEMS”) filed a lawsuit against Harris County Emergency Services District No. 11 (the “District”). In the lawsuit, CCEMS complains about recent attempts by the District to encourage CCEMS to pay old employee health insurance claims the District feels should already have been paid. CCEMS’ lawsuit includes a request for a temporary restraining order that would have prevented the District from withholding payment to CCEMS if CCEMS failed to pay certain CCEMS employee health insurance claims. An emergency hearing on this and other demands made by CCEMS was held on Wednesday afternoon in the Ancillary District Court of Harris County. At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge denied CCEMS’s requests.

Anyone who wishes to give or to receive more information about these matters should contact the District at info@esd11.com.