DIAL 911

If you have an emergency


This information is used to help us prepare for your upcoming seat check. Please allow for approximately 40-45 minutes per seat/vehicle at your upcoming appointment.

COVID-19 INFORMATION: If you have COVID, have signs of an infection, or have reason to believe you may have COVID-19, please do not schedule an in-person Car Seat Inspection at this time. We will happily work with you in person when you are well. Online training is available for those who cannot attend in person: https://ucsg.safekids.org/

We will wear facial coverings if you desire when we are unable to maintain six ft. distance between technicians and guests.

Our scheduled events are October 3rd, November 1, December 6th , January 3rd. Please let us know what date and time you prefer. A technician will call you back to verify your information and confirm your appointment time.