If you have an emergency, dial 911.

About ESD 11


Harris County ESD 11 serves the northern portion of Harris County—an area roughly 25 miles north of the City of Houston with a population of over 600,000 people. ESD 11 covers 177 square miles and responds to more than 65,000 emergencies annually.


Serves over 600,000 residents and visitors

Cover 177 square miles of North Harris County

Responds to 60,000+ calls annually

Employs nearly 300 staff members

Fleet of 40 ambulances

Top of the line equipment

Leading-edge technology

Patient-Centered, Evidenced-Based Medical Protocols



We shall aspire to be a world-class mobile healthcare provider for both our customers and employees and to set standards for others to follow.


To provide world-class mobile healthcare with a focus on improving the patients experience of care, while improving the overall health of the population we serve and reduce the per capita cost of healthcare in our communities.


As an organization, we are committed to the following Star Care Values:

Safety – Were my actions safe for me, for my colleagues, for other professionals and for the public?

Team-Based Approach – Were my actions taken with due regard for the opinions and feelings of my co-workers, even those from other agencies?

Attention to Human Needs – Did I treat my customer as a person? Was I kind? Did I use his or her name throughout the encounter? Did I listen to the customer’s concerns and was my response appropriate?

Respect – Did I act towards my customer, my colleagues, my first responders, the hospital staff, and the public with the kind of respect that I would have wanted to receive myself?

Customer Accountability – If I were face-to-face right now with the customers I dealt with, could I look them in the eye and say, “I did my very best for you!”.

Appropriateness – Was my service consistent with focusing on job 1; which is taking care of our internal and external customers – medically, professionally, legally, and practically, considering the circumstances I faced?

Reasonable Actions – Did my actions make sense? Would a reasonable colleague of my experience have acted similarly under the same circumstances?

Ethical Behavior – Were my actions fair and honest in every way? How would my family feel if this were on the front page of the newspaper?