If you have an emergency, dial 911. Questions for the ESD? Email info@esd11.com.
Our History
Established in 2004

Emergency Services District No. 11

ESD11 was created by voters in May of 2004 to provide a stable source of funding for Emergency Medical Services for an area that runs roughly from Beltway 8 to the Montgomery County line and from 290 to Highway 59. ESD11 covers an area larger than the 610 Loop. In fact, the district is larger in landmass and population than the city limits of Atlanta, Georgia, and other major U.S. cities.

5 Commissioners elected by you

Elected Officials

ESD11 has 5 commissioners elected by you. The commissioners set tax rates, choose which operator provides your Emergency Medical Services and monitor the spending of tax dollars.

5 Commissioners
Cypress Creek EMS
Providing Emergency Medical Services since 1975

Cypress Creek EMS

Emergency Medical Service has been provided to the area by Cypress Creek EMS since it was founded in 1975. In the beginning, funding came from donations and fundraisers. As the area grew and expenses increased, a voluntary donation was added to area water bills. But, funding was still not stable even after Cypress Creek EMS began charging an ambulance fee like every other EMS system in the Greater Houston Area.

ESD11 provides a stable funding source for EMS by levying taxes limited by the voters to no more than 6 cents per 100 dollars of property valuation. Currently, the rate stands at 4 cents.